Upcoming Post

Over the following months I will give you some teasers about future posts, your suggestions and comments of what you think the next post should entail are always welcomed.

What you can look forward to are visits to the Thought for Food Challenge held in Portugal, the national fruit festival 2015 and the mango festival. A Discussion on Food Security and environmental related topics.

Activities of CYENTT

June- 5th :World Environmental Day

June 26 at  28th  :The Tableland Pineapple Farmers’ Association (TPFA) Annual Fruit Festival 2015 at Nu Image Simplex Complex, Tableland.

July 5th – 10th the University of the West Indies (UWI) in collaboration with The Inter- American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) is hosting a Breadfruit Conference.

TBA: Mango Festival 2015 date and location tba

October 16th : World Food Day

October 19th : Tobago Blue Food Festival at L’Anse Fourmi Bloody Bay Recreation Grounds – An annual event of entertainment and cooking.